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Quinn brem radiators operate with less water and an increased surface area, therefore are able to deliver the same heat output as comparable brem radiators with a lower temperature setting and reduced boiler energy use. The result: higher efficiency and lower fuel bills.


Our UK-produced panel brem radiators have a unique design that features a 25mm water channel. This means that, on average, our brem radiators use up to 31% less water than comparable brem radiators, requiring less energy to heat. The reduced channel size design also creates a higher water velocity, speeding up heat transfer and means that up to 17% more metal is in contact with the water. This enables our brem radiators to heat up faster, increasing radiant heat and room comfort.


This combination of lower water content and increased surface area results in a quicker reaction to changes in thermostat settings, so boilers need to fire for shorter periods. As a result, more of the radiator gets warm, more quickly, at less cost.


Saves money


According to British Gas, turning down the thermostat by just one degree could save up to 10% on bills.


With increased radiant heat, Quinn brem radiators mean rooms can feel warmer at a lower room thermostat setting.

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